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How to Purchase Claims

All claims are posted on our website by 12pm EST the day after each Live Sale.


You can purchase your claims by going to our website at and clicking on "Purchase Claims." From there, you can find and click on your Instagram username to complete checkout.


During checkout, you must indicate whether you would like to ship or keep your box open by typing the words "SHIP" or "OPEN" in the comment box.


Invoices must be paid in full within 24 hours from the time they’re posted after each live sale.


If claims are not purchased by payment deadlines, they will be considered abandoned, and you will not be able to claim again in the future.


If you checkout and pay on time, you are automatically entered into our weekly giveaway!


Please allow 2-3 days to process and package your order after each live sale. All orders are usually shipped within 24 hours after packaging.

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