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Hey there!

My name is Carolina, and I’m the owner of Crystal Blossom!I was born and raised in South Florida. When I was a little kid, I remember getting my very first crystal, a Lemurian Quartz from Colombia, but being so young, I didn’t know exactly what it was other than being pretty. Lol!

As a teenager, I bought my very first Rose Quartz crystal. Ever since then, my love for them became a passion of mine, and over time, I started growing my own collection and fell in love with them even more, not only for their beauty but for their healing and spiritual properties.

After having my third child, I decided to go all in with my passion and dream of opening my own crystal business as a means of income and, at the same time, to allow me to do what I personally love, having my own shop with different beautiful and unique crystals while being able to continue being a stay-at-home mom.

Oh, and how can I forget that my husband, Juan, is an amazing support! He is the man behind the scenes, the tech-savvy, the photographer, and the content creator who manages the website and takes all the amazing photos of all the beautiful crystal babies we have to offer.


So, with that said, we are Crystal Blossom!


Why did I choose Crystals as my business?

I chose crystals as my business because I’ve always loved them. I mean, who doesn’t? Lol!! They are beautiful, meaningful, and bring me happiness; they emit positive energy and have been high-vibrational tools for my own personal transformation.


In addition, I’m a strong believer in "the crystal chooses you." In other words, I think we are typically drawn to crystals that can help us channel what’s already within ourselves.


I started this journey as a personal love for crystals, but whether you’re new to the crystal community or have been growing your collection for years, my goal is to provide you with great quality minerals and crystals that you deeply connect with, at a great price.

I hope to see you at one of our upcoming live sales!


As always, LOVE & LIGHT.


- xoxo, Carolina.


“Bloom Within”
Your source of happiness is within you! 

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